As always, in order to create a request, you must dispatch a request action, for instance:

const { data, error } = await store.dispatch(fetchBook('1'));

There is a problem though, dispatch is not properly typed, because the official Redux types for dispatch cannot know about middleware from this library, which returns a promise with server response for dispatched request actions.

Fortunately, in all places you would dispatch request actions, you could use RequestsStore and its dispatchRequest method:

import { createRequestsStore } from '@redux-requests/core';
const requestsStore = createRequestsStore(store);
const { data, error } = await requestsStore.dispatchRequest(fetchBook('1'));

Now, result of dispatchRequest is properly typed, and as a bonus, if you defined Data generic in dispatched action, also data will be typed! Again, automatic type inference!

Regarding functionality, createRequestsStore doesn't do anything else than normal store, it just decorates passed store with dispatchRequest method which is just a copy of normal dispatch. So, dispatchRequest does exactly the same thing as dispatch, the only difference is that dispatchRequest is properly typed.

What's interesting, in all interceptors you have access to RequestsStore instead of Store, so you already could utilize dispatchRequest there.

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