getQuery is a selector which returns a state for a given query. It is the selector which requires props. Imagine you want to get a state for FETCH_BOOKS query which we played with earlier. You can use it like this:

import { getQuery } from '@redux-requests/core';
const booksQuery = getQuery(state, { type: 'FETCH_BOOKS' });
/* for example {
data: [{ id: '1', name: 'Some book title' }],
loading: false,
error: null,
pristine: false, // true only when there was no request made for a give type
pending: 0 // number of pending requests
downloadProgress: null, // only when requestAction.meta.measureDownloadProgress is true
uploadProgress: null, // only when requestAction.meta.measureUploadProgress is true
} */

We only provided example for type prop, but here you have the list of all possibilities:

  • type: string: just pass query action type or action itself when using action creator library
  • requestKey: string: use it if you used meta.requestKey in query action
  • multiple: set to true if you prefer data to be [] instead of null if data is empty, false by default
  • defaultData: use it to represent data as an orbitrary object instead of null, use top level object though, not recreate it multiple times not to break selector memoization
  • action: useful only when you use Typescript, see details here
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