resetRequests is a built-in action to reset requests state. Sometimes you might need to clear data and errors of your requests, including both queries and mutations. You can use resetRequests action to do it. For example:

import { resetRequests } from '@redux-requests/core';
// clear everything
// clear errors and data for FETCH_BOOKS query
// clear errors if any for for DELETE_BOOKS mutation
// clear errors and data for FETCH_BOOKS and FETCH_BOOK with 1 request key
resetRequests([FETCH_BOOKS, { requestType: FETCH_BOOK, requestKey: '1' }]),

What is important, resetRequests apart from reset also aborts all pending requests of the given types. You can prevent it by passing 2nd argument dispatch(resetRequests([FETCH_BOOKS], false))

Also note that resetRequests also sets query pristine to true and clears cache if set.

Moreover, it is possible to prevent reset of queries which are cached by passing 3rd argument resetCached (true by default), for example dispatch(resetRequests([FETCH_BOOKS], false, false))

Last but not least, it also stops all pollings for requests of the given types.

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