5. Resetting requests

Sometimes you might need to clear data and errors of your requests, including both queries and mutations. You can use resetRequests action to do it. For example:

import { resetRequests } from '@redux-requests/core';
// clear everything
// clear errors and data for FETCH_BOOKS query
// clear errors if any for DELETE_BOOKS mutation
// clear errors and data for FETCH_BOOKS and FETCH_BOOK with 1 request key
resetRequests([FETCH_BOOKS, { requestType: FETCH_BOOK, requestKey: '1' }]),

What is important, resetRequests apart from reset also aborts all pending requests of the given types. You can prevent it by passing 2nd argument dispatch(resetRequests([FETCH_BOOKS], false)).

Also note that resetRequests also set query pristine to true and clears cache if set (more about caching in another tutorial).

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